What do you love to do? What do you think you can do right now to make a difference in this world?
jared a
1/26/2012 01:14:26

what i could do to help is to recycle more

A'Tavia Hickmon
1/26/2012 01:14:58

What i want to do i want to be a lawyer and fight for what is right and people say that i am fit to be an lawyer because i talk very well and a lot so that's what i want to do

Christian C
1/26/2012 01:17:04

I Christian would not become a Monk but i would meditate every day for the better of the world. What I love to do is come home to my grandma and see the beautiful smile on her face.

Christian C
1/26/2012 01:18:43

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Ms. Black
1/26/2012 08:34:30

LOL. Thanks Christian.

Jared A
1/26/2012 01:17:08

What I could do is to also help other kids in the classroom with the computer if they need it.

Dorian C.
1/26/2012 01:17:22

I would help make more game for the world so people would never have nothing to do. I'll help show kids how to bowl because i love to bowl every weekend.

Dorian C
1/26/2012 01:19:17

hi nice comment

harland a
1/26/2012 01:18:14

what i could do to help is to do good in school help my mom more and recycle clean my room help my parents more do the right thing take out the trash when im supose to and help others

1/26/2012 01:18:52

I love to play games an to help others more like others help

1/26/2012 01:20:05


Rodney Dent
1/26/2012 01:19:08

What i would like to do is to make a new game system that can make a ps4 so 3 game CD,s can be in there at once .

Brendan H.
1/26/2012 01:19:12

I love to become a physicist. I want to create fusion and bring an end to pollution and stop the use of nuclear plants. I dream of a clean future where pollution is gone and the world is clean and gas is a thing of the past. I hope to make a difference in energy and help clean out the pollution. I hope for the world to finally stop tapping its resources and find a cleaner alternative. Finally I hope to increase are chances at fusion and one day power the future of manned space flight now more solar panels a brighter future dawning from this energy.

A'Tavia Hickmon
1/26/2012 01:19:23

What i like to do is have fun with my friends and have fun and sometimes i hate when i laugh because its very loud and abnotcius so yeah but that's what i like to do

1/26/2012 01:19:49

to make use of the trash that the people thow away and reuse it for stuff isted of thowing it away to make the world and make use of the trash but if it thon away make sure you can recycle more than a day.

1/26/2012 01:21:58

Jaysin C.
1/26/2012 01:19:56

i lke to move to different places. i cat stay in one spot.i could proably help out with ALL my teachers recycle. Recycling is a good way to help out my school.I also could help out with bringing box tops to school, so that we could have better classrooms. this way i wont have to stay with 1 teacher, i could move around.!!!!!!

Torrin J.
1/26/2012 01:20:48

I love to play video games... that being said I will love to change the world by Making a job out of something you loved to do on a daily basics. Making a full-time job out of something you loved means you don't have these "city jobs" you say to make a living.

1/26/2012 01:21:37

One thing I really love is success. Succeeding to me is one of the best things a person can do. Even helping someone, anyone to succeed at what ever their doing is something that I would love to do. For the most part everyone has their succeeding point and sometimes need a push and that is something that I would do as much as possible to help someone.

Dorrian Allen
1/26/2012 01:21:42

Something I can do to make this world a better place is i can clean up my block. I can go to every on my block and mow there grass.And then get a better education so i can be a grate football player.

Jordan Love
1/26/2012 01:21:55

On my free time I like to go to the studio and record music. I'm a young female rapper and singer. Sometimes I just stay at home and write. I write about things I know and learn

James farley
1/26/2012 01:22:03

To change to world i think i can start by working harder and showing my peers and the people in my community the being educated is posible. then after that i would probly go to a popular college and play basketball and use that fame to move the minds of the young by letting them know and showing them of the are mentally restricted the the media internet and tv shows that they watch. most tv shows are back door sneaking things that can make you think less of your you self and that your only capable of small feets

Ciera F.
1/26/2012 01:22:08

I love little children. I would like to help the ones in the homeless shelter. Such as giving the clothes and food.Also, play and listen to them on what they want to be when the grow up.

1/26/2012 01:22:35

To make a change in this world, I would try and find a cure for caner. I hate to see the fact of people getting sick. I like to hang with my friends, go shopping, and listen to music.

Nekoss G
1/26/2012 01:22:38

Well me I like to play sports. Most of the time its football Im playing. But sometimes I'll play a little basketball. I also like to help around the house from time to time. I would like to help someone els besides my self. But the my favorite thing to do is help my grandmother out at her house. Thanks for reading my post.

Destiny D.
1/26/2012 01:23:11

When I get older I'd like to be a person who helps with the research of finding the cure to cancer.When I was in the third grade one of my best friends were diagnosed with a bone cancer called Rhuematoid arthritis.When she told me I felt really sad because I thought she would die but she explained to me that it wasn't a deadly cancer but she just would have certain moments were she wouldn't be able to walk or do anything else that we usually did.I felt like that was going to ruin are friendship but it only made it stronger,now we both are very close and I would like to raise awareness for that disease so that the people with it can have a better life.

Ms. Black
1/26/2012 08:45:28

These are awesome ambitions.
Jared, I will count on you to help others.
Brendon, I am blown away! Remind me to show you some really cool TED talks about new ideas people are doing that go along with your vision.
Destiny, I love your compassion and insight. Plus your writing is excellent.
All my gamers, I have sites and a program to teach you video game programming. You may also be interested in programming apps and inventing one.
Everyone, I am already very impressed by you all. Even if I didn't respond directly. I will eventually. Please do your best to write complete sentences and proofread your work. Your voice matters! What you write matters! The more care and effort you put into it the more you are able to be read and understood and thought well of by the people who can make your dreams happen. So practice. Do those anonymous acts extraordinarily well and they will lead to recognition and success.


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